Plot: Rachel Berry is an up and coming broadway starlet, living the dream she had since she was five. She had it all..New York, Broadway, her perfect guy and the perfect apartment over looking the city. One thing she didn’t expect though, was to come home one day to find another girl in her bed with her boyfriend. Things ended quickly, and Rachel found herself with no place to go.

Finn Hudson was a small town boy that moved to the City with his band to become famous. As most of them do. He liked living the bachelor life with his roommate, best friend and band mate..but that was before his best friend fell in love with a girl. And things suddenly changed for he was the only one single and lonely in his group of friends. Only a few months into his bandmates relationship, his girlfriend asked him to move in with her, leaving Finn alone in an apartment that he could barely afford by himself.

Finn put ads in the paper looking for a roommate and Rachel had been desperately searching to find a new place for a few days. Until, almost by fate she stumbled upon an ad that seemed like the perfect place. It was still an apartment, over looking the city and it was close to her job. She didn’t care if her roommate was a male or female, as long as they weren’t crazy.

After having a meeting with Finn about the offer for a roommate, Rachel packed up her things and started moving into her new place. Things started innocently enough, Rachel had her room and Finn had his. They worked on different schedules, while she was up all hours of the morning, he was out partying at night. They hardly ever saw that much of each other. Until Finn invited her to come hang out with him and his friends for the night, he figured if they were living together they could get to know each other better. That night after a few drinks, and dancing and hang out with his friends..Finn and Rachel found themselves in his bed. 

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